Career MOT

Is it a long time since your last job? Are you feeling really stuck, and don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you are thinking about a change in your career? Have your priorities shifted around what you want from work and life?

Our Career MOT will support you to clarify your ideas. This is a workshop for women who, for whatever reason, want to get back to work after a career break or are at a turning point in their career. It will help you take stock of where you are now, and what you can do next.

What will I gain from the workshop?

You’ll leave the Career MOT workshop with clearer ideas about what you really want from your working life. Our qualified career coach will guide you as you think through these areas:

  • What’s getting in your way (practically or emotionally) of taking your next career step?
  • What can you do to overcome these barriers?
  • What skills and experience can you offer employers?
  • When are you ‘at your best’ at work?
  • How to keep yourself energised and motivated.


The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ. See map

Further information

If you have any questions about the Career MOT workshop, email or call Julie on 020 7633 4458.

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10am - 1pm

London Bridge


What will the workshop be like?

It will be friendly and supportive!

What makes Women Like Us really different, is that our qualified career coaches have empathy that comes from years of working with women who have fragmented career paths, often following raising a family. We understand what it’s like to be facing changes in your job or working pattern. And other women at the workshop will be in the same boat.

It will be fun too. The Career MOT workshop is an interactive session with activities and exercises to help you think in a fresh way about the issues you face.

And there will be a maximum of 15 participants – a small enough group for everyone to get some individual support.

"It’s clarified my ideas – I came in feeling muddled and muddy and mixed up and came out with clarity.”