Interview success

3  hour  workshop

Are you going for your first interview in ages? Or maybe you’ve had several interviews recently, but not clinched the job?

Then come along to our three hour workshop - Interview success.

You'll feel far more confident about facing your next interview.  And you’ll brush up your technique, practising how to get your skills across.

What will I gain from the workshop?

You’ll learn about the different interview styles used by employers these days (they’ve changed a lot, over the last few years). And you'll get much better at preparing evidence based answers to questions you're likely to be asked.

The Interview Success workshop will cover these areas:

  • Different interview styles used by employers, and how to handle them
  • Brainstorming questions you’re likely to be asked
  • How to answer questions in a way that provides ‘evidence’ that you can do the job
  • Tips on presenting yourself well
  • Suitable questions for you to ask the interviewer
  • How and when to follow-up after your interview


Special Offer : Our 3 hour ‘CV clinic’ costs £49.50, this is discounted to £44.50 for bookings for workshops in November & December 2016


The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ. See map

Further information

If you have any questions about the workshop, email or call Julie on 0207 633 4458.

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10AM to 1PM

London Bridge


What will the workshop be like?

It will be friendly and supportive!

What makes Women Like Us really different, is that our qualified career coaches have years of experience working with women. We understand what it’s like to be facing the job market again and feeling rusty. We recognise that many women tend to under-sell themselves, and we can support you to get your skills across fully.

It will be fun too. The workshop is an interactive session with practical activities and exercises.

And there will be a maximum of 15 participants – a small enough group for everyone to get some individual support.

"I learned how to understand what response the interviewer is looking for; coping strategies for awkward silences; and how to turn a weakness into a positive outcome."