real  lives,  real  stories

For all we share in common, our lives are often different and our stories are unique. Some of you have sent in home-made videos about your experiences of juggling work and family life. These are invaluable case studies from real women’s lives: click on the video links below to watch for tips and even inspiration.

If you feel inspired to send us your own video, please email and ask for our guidelines.










Going freelance was the best career decision Carol ever made – she feels it has even enabled her to be a better mother.






Veronica did voluntary work during a long career break of 6 years. Keeping up her skills in this way helped her get the first job she applied for.





Elizabeth works for herself, and stresses the importance of maintaining your personal and career development when freelancing.






When Lia’s children were young she wanted to change career at the same time as going part time. A tough challenge – but she did it!





Monique calls herself a ‘career chameleon’. She has chopped and changed jobs many times, retraining twice, to fit work around her family.





Anne thinks positivity is vital for a happy working life. Never take rejections personally and try to take jobs working with people you like.