About Us

Back in 2005 we, Karen Mattison and Emma Stewart, were mothers of young children, grappling with how to hang onto our careers. We had a Eureka moment!

Just like us, our friends had left work to look after their kids, and like us they were finding it tough getting back to work in a role that suited both their professional skills and their new family lives.

We realised women need help with a few things: deciding what they want from work, finding part time job opportunities, and figuring out how and when to talk to employers about their need to work flexibly.

Women Like Us was born, and for more than a decade we've been providing advice to women and show-casing quality part time jobs that fit with family. We've also been leading the debate on women’s working issues, engaging with policy makers and employers to seek new initiatives that improve the future for working women.

Part of the Timewise group of companies

From the start, we wanted to give women better access to high quality part time jobs, where mid to senior level skills are appreciated. In 2012, we launched Timewise Jobs, a specialist online job-search service. And then in 2014, we added Timewise.co.uk, a consultancy service for employers, encouraging them to see the benefits of hiring people on a flexible basis. All our business come together under the Timewise Foundation, a social business that aims to develop the part time jobs market, so that everyone can find work that fits with their other responsibilities.