Your employment rights

  • Acas  The employment relations service. The place to go for online information about employment rights and rules such as the right to work flexibly, or if you are involved in and want to resolve a workplace dispute. They also run a helpline.
  • Gov.uk  The government’s site about public services, all in one place. The link will take you to the section on work and pensions, where you can find information about maternity and paternity rights and the right to request flexible working.
  • Working Families  Offers pragmatic advice and practical solutions to help employees and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. Runs a free Legal Helpline, 0300 012 0312, giving advice on employment rights such as maternity and paternity leave, rights to time off in an emergency, how best to negotiate flexible hours, and maternity discrimination.

Skills Training

Support for specific groups

  • Mum and Career  Find all sorts of resources and interesting articles around the issues of flexible working, women and careers.
  • Smartworks Helps women on low incomes to dress in a way that will get them a job. Trained stylists provide a smart professional outfit for you to wear to your job interview. You will also receive personal interview training from a senior executive.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Do-It has volunteering opportunities all over the UK.
  • Time Bank is a national volunteering charity which runs mentoring projects.

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